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jeward miller
age: 28
4.25.10 \ 10.25.35

Hello Readers,
I go by the name duke, to all those who acquaint themselves with me. Im from a beautiful town called Ponchatoula,la. “SwampLife” all day and tomorrow lol. anyways, Im 6 foot even , athletic build, brown skinned with an 87.2 % possitive attitude. Im a competitive individual but not in the sense of where i have to win in everything. Earlya on in my years life had given me lessons in learning to deal with losing. with that in mind, i was taught to work with the missteps in bettering the future of my shortcomings. all in all the only way my life can be grand, is if i keep it a thousand with me.

contact me – jeward miller#584851


jeward miller #584851
R.L.C.C. hope\ d2
1630 prison rd.
cottonport,la 71327

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