Troy Simmons

Quotes, by Troy Simmons

1) After all is said and done, Loyalty is what holds me true to form. That is why my head is up and my back is straight when you are near. [‘2018]

2) The one thing I wish i could change about myself is my incorrigible need to protect everyone else. [‘2017]

3) As deep as a cold, I stand before you with a straight face; While my tears drown my ears so they’re not seen on my face. – My life is not unmistakable and no man is unbreakable. [‘2016]

Troy Simmons
DOC #A405559

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  1. You brighten my day .stay strong and keep your head up .You ha e been giving a second chance to live your life with the right choices in life .hugs and kisses your friend Rhonda


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