Major McCormick

Elements of appreciation, by Major McCormick

Earth,Wind,and Fire… Earth is stable, the wind
can breed action, its simple as the air, and the words you use… Fire is action it consumes or warms depending on what elements are in its vicinity….

Understanding can be as small as the word A, that goes a long way in apprecitation. Appreciation is more than a word. It is action.. Love is also, infact every word that shows action, has to be acted upon other wise they are mere words empty shells easily crushed and simply brushed away. I have memories ,acquaintences, and a few friends that I am fond of for they are the ones that truly identify with my spirit and I, theirs. I show them appreciation by dedicating myself to a good cause a purpose and sticking to their high hopes of me and for them my ink never runs dry…..

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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