“Ventilation System” “Just Venting” *(Regret?)* by Timothy Kearney

“Fumble” by Trey Songz…truly one of my favorite songs ever well as Bad..and I say that with as much honesty and sincerity I can muster..the reason I can because my life can be the real inspiration behind it…True story!!Just thinking intently about it waters my eyes…Her..who’s name we don’t mention(my ex)is the female lead for that song..Man did I adore her..but I fumbled her heart.. not because I wasn’t trying to hold on to it.. but my past caught up with me…see that’s the irony in that song…it tells you how much he loved her…how much her wanted her back..but he knew he messed up… but when you just can’t help that you love someone its hard…”I should’ve let go of my past for you”…something Trey says in the song…if I would’ve did that exact same thing I never would have lost her..that’s what makes me hate this song as well as love it..he tells her the one point I was scared to send this song to “Her”..who’s name we don’t mention..but I did..I was scared because what if she realizes that I’m bad for her..or the old me was bad for her and she doesn’t allow the new me a chance to show her that my love for her was 100..and still is..and because the me now is so much better..what I love about this song is how much he explains to “Her”..who’s name we don’t mention… how much he loves her..because I so do love me some “Her”..I think about the few real serious relationships I was had and none compares to hers..that’s how and why I know that she was a true love..see that’s what makes this search for that one woman I can truly love intriguing… because I want to give that kinda Man/Woman love to her..Whomever you are..I want to make her say..this man truly loves me to death and for her to know it in her heart that that exact statement she just realized is the God’s honest gospel..and it makes her reciprocate..
(to be continued)

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Timothy Kearney
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