Appreciation To

“Thank you for allowing my voice to be heard through your blog.” -James Scott

“God bless you… you are doing a powerful service with this blog.” -Stacey Gordon

“thank you to Suzie Jennings for this wonderful service she provides to inmates to allow them to express themselves while they are in an environment that attempts to stifle Their creativity and Freedom of expression.” -Hayden Hamilton

“Thanks for the work and effort you take to putting all our thoughts and pieces out for us.” – Zachery Matthews

“It is really nice that Suzie has made it possible for our thoughts to get out..Very nice of her and her husband. I appreciate it.” -Jason Mackerchar

“Thank you for your invaluable assistance, in helpin us convicts to blog our poetical designs on your site.” -K.C.


“Suzie.. Thank you for giving me the opportunity go spread my thoughts. I hope you and your husband are doing well.. This is a really good thing that you do.. Bless you..” -Jason Mackerchar

“Hello. Thanks for allowing me the chance to blog on this incredible sight.” -Wayne Harris Jr.

“I want to first Thank you for the invite. Secondly, it is “most appreciated” that you and your husband decided to offer this platform in order for unheard voices, such as myself(and others like myself), to have a forum for our voices to be heard. I myself, as well as those of like-minded thought and spirit, look foward to taking advantage of the opportunity and making the most of it, genuinely.” -Dorian Harriott

“Greetings & blessings to you, i would like to allow my deepest thanks for this opportunity for an outlet.” -Dennis Watson

“Hey Suzie, I’m writing to speak out into this harmonized world the wonderful things u are doing for a lot of ppl who otherwise may not have the voice of expression that they do. So from all of us, I say thank u, u are much appreciate and valued.” -Jason Thompson

“I recently recieved your invitation to blog at your site and I am greatful to have been asked and for the opportunity you have created to give a voice to the voiceless.” -Kyle Adams

“First…Thank you Suzie for doing this for us and I hope all goes well with you and your husband..” -Timothy Kearney

“I really do thank you for this web site that will give inmates like me the chance to express ourselves in writing.” -Christopher Love


“Hello. I’m on board and ready to blog. First i would like to thank you for being an inmates wife and giving those like him a voice.” -Ali Jabbaar

“I wanted to thank you for the outlet you have made. It is a great platform.” -Ampazzio Warren

“I highly appreciate you and Steven’s encouraging helping hand and mental support with at least posting our work,as a whole for many of us behind these walls.” -Jonathan Banks

“Thank you for your time i do appreciate it.” -Antwan Williams

“Greetings Suzie. I just want you to know that I appreciate what you’re doing. Maybe you hear this alot and maybe not. I know I’ve told you before that I appreciate you, however, I also know it’s nice to hear from time to time even if it’s already understood. Anyway, I hope you are well and life is treating you favorably. Thank you.” -Rodney Fenner

“I thank you for allowing our voice to be heard.” -Eddie Smith

“I just want to show my respect by saying thank you for dis opportunity.” -Tyler Lamb

“Hello Suzie, It was really nice hearing from you and knowing the thought U and your husband put into creating something like this for us inmates to have a voice by blogging.” -Tyrone Thompson Jr.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity…I’m very excited and grateful to be a part of this.” -Jennifer DeMott

“I would first like to thank you for the invite and opportunity to join you and your blogging family at So eager to jump at the chance dip my toe into new water.” -Tracy Tisdol

“Mrs. S. Jennings, thank you so much for your resources and time.” – Abdul Griggs

“I would like to say thanks to the open minds of” -Thomas Smith

A Brief History of InmateBlogger & the Co-Founders

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  1. I was an inmate. I want to use my site to talk about prison and what is my most important issue now: overcoming social stigma and legal restrictions that prevent ex-, offenders from rejoining society. I’m thrilled to have found this blog and I’m totally in!

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