“Nonpartisan and Nonbias facts about felon and prisoner voting… it’s time to allow ALL the right to vote.” by PAUL STOTTS

I wanted to take a moment and cite a few of the sources for my previous blog. I think this may be of benifit to anyone interested in researching the issue further.

“Throughout America, nearly one in thirteen African-American adults are banned from voting. In three states, Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia that rate climbs to one in five” -Eric Holder, JD Former US Attorney General 2/11/04

Next I’ll look at the constitutionality of prisoner/felon voting and cite a few sources.

“The 8th amendment succinctly prohibits excessive sanctions and demands that punishment for crime should be graduated and proportioned to the offense…” -Pamela Karlan JD Professor of Public Interest Law at Stanford

*this makes one wonder were the “graduation” of the punishment is in states like Florida where a felon can never again vote.

There is a part of the constitution that goes against felon voting. We must take this into consideration.
“unlike any other voting qualification, felon disenfranchisment laws are explicitly endorsed by the text of the 14th Amendment…”

*Trump has talked about amending the constitution to end “birth rights” for people born here. Maybe its time to consider amending our voting right laws as well?

This is just a small amount of the information available on the subject of felon voting. It’s a very interesting subject that I would incourage anyone and everyone to look into. Just because one is a felon doesnt mean they should lose certain civil rights for life. Change will come. It may be slow, but information is the stare.
Have a wonderful day.

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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