Dennis Watson

This is what i’m reduced to… By Dennis J. Watson

This is the age i live in, where the fight isn’t there & they would rather just give in, prison, naw more like a pedophile camp & a daycare center, I remember when you had to get it how you live, now a days they have competitions of who can scream the loudest of what who did , this has definitely been a learning experience, By me bein heterosexual, black & intelligent just deepens the insignifigance, as i stand 10 toes in these timberlands this is what i’m reduced to, my family missing, letters unwritten & pain i sit & chew through, for the one thing i lose, i usually gain 3 in return, but i learn daily that life is precious while dousing anger that burns, with gasoline, only to face karma from the dues i paid in return, firm i stand in my beliefs above nor beneath anyone, but i look for the crumbs that your greed has left, but you couldn’t give me one, sometimes i wanna cry, while i divide my love & hate between 2 sides but i get 2 timed twice as much, i’ve been cheated on, left for dead, but it was all on account of lust, not once was it love, because the trust has been diminished, i’m treated frigid & locked away until my soul will diminish, but this is what i’m reduced to, but of you choose to walk with me, you will ridiculed & judged just upon account of my history, is anyone truly subject to change, my outlook has rearranged time so i’m the same as doctor strange, my name, & my word is the 1st & last i stand on, i’ve been reduced to be plagued to live a life that once i never planned on, i’m just so glad my handsome face hasn’t been aged by stress like many, Boylee Akeem Wali El-Bey, or some just call me Denny, plenty think they know, but it’s slow for the poor on this earth, really born a buckeye but morals & manners from the turf, I was the 1st born Watson that Watts owned deep on the eastside, They could’ve at least lied & told me that the palm trees made it nice, they think they got me dead to rights, & this is what i will live through, 15 minute phone calls, non conjugal visits, no more convicts & soft tough ass police, this is what i’m reduced to…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632-936

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