Tracy Tisdol

Introducing Tracy Tisdol

My name is Tracy Tisdol and I am 42 years of age.I have been incarcerated since July 15,1995 and if the appeals process fails me,I will be released in August of 2035.I am currently on appeal for an illegal sentence. I am one of three defendants in my case.I am the youngest of four siblings with both parents deceased.

I find writing to be a safe haven of sorts for me.I am what some might call an introvert,so writing affords me the outlet to express myself in ways that I normally wouldn’t in a routine, day to day conversation. So again, I thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to doing more blogging.If anyone is interested in contacting me about my blogs,they can reach me through email by registering on at:Tracy Tisdol #000947657B.

Tracy Tisdol
DOC #000947657B

New Jersey State Prison

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