Dennis Watson

I was asked this question once.. By Dennis J. Watson

How do you still smile with all that’s happened? Easy for me, but difficult for some. 1st, my background is not the most ideal. Broken home, mother didn’t want me because my father went to prison long time. Once my grandmother had taken care of me until her last breath, it was something that clicked in me. Even though we were impoverish, we always had all we needed at the right time. My sense of humor comes from the deepest place of hurt & disappointment that anyone is capable of feeling at once. My life has been chaotic & subtle at the same time. Once my babies came, is when the humorous of me surfaced. They have everything to do with why my personality is what it is now.
Some of the people with the greatest sense of humor has been through the worst shit. No exaggeration, but i have seen my decade of dark days. I keep in mind that i have children that need me to keep it together for as long as i can. This part of me is needed for the things i deal with in these walls. For 1, no one loves you or says anything that they stand on. 2 Everyone tells on everyone, for no reason. They have no respect for themselves, so in what regards do you think they hold you? They rape children & hide behind it, once the wool is taken off the wolf, they scream they’re gay. Now that’s another portion i can’t stand, men that are gay for the stay. Meaning, once they get home they infect the unsuspecting women whom have no idea that there man has seen more dick then a pack of hanes. Until they get spotted by someone whom they were doing a bit with. I’m dick scared, yea, terrified. Meaning, if we get into any possbility of intimacy we’re going to get tested for everything. Some get offended, but you would think they would commend you for the gesture. The ones that get upset probably know they’re dirty already. I love women, hate men, & hate prison even more. A lot of you ladies think all of the good men are here? Trust, there is only a small % worth a damn anymore.
Me on the other hand, i do everything in my power to keep everyone around me happy, especially my women. Once she gets a bite of what i have to offer, she’ll be hooked for life. That isn’t a boasting statement either, real rap homegirl. Once i recovered from having my stroke, i have a new zest for living, no matter where i am. Yes, i had a stroke.. No I don’t have a limp, or slumped features in my face. I was paralyzed, even died for a couple of mintues from my brain starving for oxygen for almost 4 minutes. This is where my new found love for life comes from. At the end of the day i look to the most high for another that i wasn’t promised. Alone for this reason i look to the sky in thanks for that. With everyone dropping out of this race that i’m running, I still have a few willing to run the distance with me & i love them for that. They are a good portion of the reason my faith is in tact, & my sense of humor still is the strongest character trait i have. Thank you, you know whom you all are. Nothing but the upmost respect & unconditional love devoted to all of you. If this doens’t answer your question, then you asked the wrong one, or just looking for the wrong answer.

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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