Terry Crossty

What’s Up World, by Terry Crossty

My name is Terry Crossty but my friends and family call me Woo. I’m 30 years old from the westside of Cincinnati Ohio. I’m currently finishing up a six year stint for a felonious assault, I’m down to my last four months. I’m also a father of three a daughter that’s 13 a son that’s 11 and another son that’s 5 years old. I’m very spiritually grounded. That’s what I’m using this site for to enlighten the world that its OK to believe in Jesus . Through the months that I have left in this system I want you to walk with me while I continue to walk with Jesus . So all who are interested in my bloggs I would love to hear feedback and I’m open to one on one discussions, you can hit me up at

Terry Crossty #688-887
p.o. box. 56
State Rt. 63
or you can just use jpay. Stay blessed world and remember God loves you.


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