by Ronald Johnson

Look all the People inand of the State Of Kansas/KANSAS,Please understand your Elected Officals are not following the law/K.S.A.21-4639/21-6628(c), as All Persons with The Sentence Of The Hard 50, by this law Must be called back to the District Court to have the Sentences Modified and be Sentenced to no Mandatory Prison Sentence, Now the issue at hand The Sentences were Ruled Unconstitutional in 2014 at STATE v SOTO. It has been almost 5 years that the District Courts have Ignored the Law. So ask yourselves what if this were my Friend or Family,who were effected by this Ellected Public Offical Ignoring the Law, but only using the Law to the advantage of the system,or in this case because the judge is Corrupt , been Corrupt, and Proven to be Corrupt,Please E-Mail your Local District Court Judges, and The Local District Attorney’s,Asking why have these Men and Women have not been ordered back in almost 5 years after the Fact of The Hard 50 Being Ruled ti be UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!! It is a Local hastag Movement that has already Started #ksa21-4639/21-6628(c)freeronaldjohnson,or all thoes effected by this ,Please you are needed as the People forthe Wyandotte County, Kansas District Court judge in my case has been Proven to be Corruptable and is just that, I am not the only one this has effected by far it is at lease 55 or so families this effect out of this county alone not to mention the Entire State District Court Judges have not called any one Back to Correctly Modify the hard 50 sentences that has had just a Very Clear Statute Mandating the Sentence Modification,Please #ksa21-4639/21-6628(c)freealleffectedasap!!! Thank you for supporting the law !!!!! P.O. Box311, EDCF #79020 El Dorado, Ks. 67042

Ronald Johnson
DOC ##79020

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