Indenial to Fear, by Keith Bond, Jr (The Painter)

Chasen death.
The same way a new born seek air.
Say a prayer,
as I gamble my life w/out playing fair.
Sedated to be honored by those ,
who don’t care.
Liven a life that’s unaware of being aware.
Shield w/a soft smile.
Hidden by a stern glare.
In the trecnches where death come in pairs
Refuse to be a coward ,
who’s grateful to care.

Indenial to Fear

Pocketing my thoughts trying to keep my head clear.
Liven for a moment ,
that was never really there.
Memories froze by a picture,
that your future cannot share.
Justifying your blame,
as your mother heart tare.
They sketch YU in shackle’s apprehended in a chair…..
Now ask yourself can YU compare?

While other got the chair.

Indenial to Fear…

Keith Bond, Jr
DOC #537-103

Categories: fear, Keith Bond Jr., poems

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