John Mcconnell

Looking for my partner in crime… John MCconnell (aka: Mac)

I dont want a relationship, they hold you backk. I waant a bestfriend I can sleep with, make love 2m hustle wiith, travel with, club with, shop with and live with! I wanna a partner in crime a partner in life. Someone I can laugh with and build withm someone I can trust with my heart , my life, and my money. Someone Im never afraid 2 lose because I know theyll always be there. Relationships just arent for me but a partnership… Ill take that for sure. Myself, I am about 3 yrs into a 20 year senteence but Im steady working on my appeal in which it looks very promising that Im gonna get at least 6 years knocked off… In my free time I love sports, (watching and playing )and I am A die hard Cincinnati Bengals fan… WHO DEY!!! I have been working out a lot lately and am in great shape, I do have pictures on request and have previously posted some as well but they are enot free on my end and finances are tight in my circumstances as of now . Im just trying 2 put myself out there for now and see what comes back. Cant wait to hear from you. Respectfully,
John R. MCconnell #731-514
lebanon correctional institution
po box 56
lebanon, ohio
also catch me on

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