Jeffrey Tobias

“TRYING TO MAKE THE TRANSITION; The Prison System/Life of New York State vs. The Prison System/Life of The State of Ohio”, By Jeffrey Tobias, Part V

The first paper I wrote, for Mr. Sax, was about my spiritual journey from childhood to present. When he was returning our papers, he saved mines for last. I panicked because I thought he’d lost, or forgotten mines, but then he asked, “Who’s Tobias?” He was walking past me, and simultaneously, as I was starting to answer “Me”, someone pointed me out and he made a sudden turn towards me, that caught me off guard, and startled me. He then presented his hand for me to shake. I was a little confused with his actions, but I still shook it. During the handshake, he was saying “This is some fine writing here! I’m looking forward to reading more from you this semester.” That’s when I had an epiphany, and realized I had something special. During class, everyone asked to read my paper. Ever since then, I’ve received a lot of adulation and numerous verbal accolades for my “New Found” writing skills. He turned me into an instant star.
All my Professors are good people; I just can’t remember all their names. A few of them had me salty though, like my Philosophy 207 (Business Ethics) Professor. I can’t remember her name, but it starts with an “F”. Ms. “F” gave me a “B” when I earned an “A”! She walked in on a discussion we were having before she made it into class, and she wanted to know what the conversation was about, and we told her the AIDS epidemic. So, I took the liberty to informed her that the Government manufactured AIDS, and injected it into homosexuals, who were considered the “Undesirables” and the “Dregs” of society, at that particular time, that frequented the “Bath Houses” in San Francisco, California, under the guise of taking preventative measures for Hepatitis, back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Of course everyone remembers the Bullshit the Government fed us: “HIV/AIDS is a disease Africans contracted from having sex with Green Monkeys.” As of yet, NO ONE still hasn’t seen a Green Monkey. After all these years, no one stopped to say, “With all the NAKED WOMEN running around “STEREOTYPICAL” Africa, why would a man “HAVE” to, or better yet, why would he “WANT or CHOOSE” to have sex with a monkey!” And, for that matter, what monkey YOU know is going to sit there and let him do it! NONE that I ever seen, heard, or read about. Anyway, that’s another story all together. I guess she couldn’t respect the TRUTH. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a wonderful person. But, regardless of that fact, she played me out of an “A”, that I earned, and messed up my GPA. Even though she’s a Professor, and is “SUPPOSE” to be impartial, she’s still a Human Being, that’s pationate about what she believes in, but that doesn’t make her a bad person. She naively believes her Government wouldn’t commit such an atrocity against Man Kind.
I definitely EARNED an “A”, not a “B”, in Professor Rodriguez’s Introduction to Psychology 101 class, and that’s not subjective, or up for debate! I never studied harder for any other class, except for Math. I aced all my Term Papers in his class; on the midterm, I got ONE answer wrong; and on the final, I got 2 or 3 answers wrong. That averages out to an “A”. When I showed him my grade and explained my grievance he said, “I’ll check into it, see me next week.” When I saw him, he explained he didn’t know what happened. He apologized perfusively, and told me he’d make it up to me in his next class. Of course I told him I’d like my “A” now because I wasn’t going to be there for his next class. It was an honest mistake, but that mistake messed up my GPA; shit happens, but I was still salty.
My Columbia Psychology W2460 Drugs, Brain, and Behavior Professor, Dr. Carl Hart, is a BEAST! He knows his SCIENCE, BRIANS, and DRUGS. I was happy when I saw him on the 2017, 4 Part Documentary, titled “THE HISTORY ON DRUGS”, on the History Channel. Looks are overwhelmingly deceiving. He looks like a mix of Bob Marley, and one of the Amigos. He has a lot of Swag! You would NEVER suspect him of being a Doctor, or Scientist! I’m glad he made it back from the Philippines; he almost got himself killed over there trying to help them with there drug laws. I’d love to be one of his understudies.
Maaan, I can’t forget my Arts107 Professor, Ms. Askins. She’s a little eccentric as well. She has a serious problem with peoples term papers; she loves to write her own term paper on your paper. I had a “misunderstanding” with her about that. I wrote my term paper, which, by the way, was a Master Piece (pun intended), and she tried to changed all the words as if she were writing it. I told her, what’s the use of me writing it if you’re changing all my words. I don’t talk, think, or write like you; why don’t you just write it! She “misspoke” about me not mentioning certain aspects of the project and I had to send it back to her to prove that she was wrong. She gave me a “B” and I told everyone that “she be out to lunch,” and they thought I was exaggerating because she gave me a “B”, but once they landed in her class the all ran back to me saying, “Jeff, you were right!” They started doing what I should’ve done. Let her write their papers 🙂 . Whatever you write she’s going to rewrite it. I added a whole sheet of paper at the end of my term papers that said “Professor’s Comments,” and she wrote “Thank you for the space.” Once again, that doesn’t make her a bad person because she’s a very nice lady. She just has her little quirks and pet peeves. I guess she wants everyone to view art the same as she does, and write and think like her, too.
I’m out of space again, so I’ll continue on Part VI. So, until my next installment you can reach me via JPay; go to your app store, on your Mobil Device, an search for JPay, then type in Jeffrey Tobias A704109 Richland Correctional Institution.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Tobias
DOC #A704109

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