Matthew Epperson

Respect My Authoritah by Matthew Epperson

I have a problem with authority. I always havea. Unfortunately, it is a defining characteristic of mine and is a root cause of why I ended up here in prison. It’s not that I’m against governing. In a democratic world, our governing authorities are meant to be the unbiased minds and voices that decide what is permitted and prohibited WITH the concern of society as a whole as their primary focus. With that principle unperverted, our existance and harmony, under authority, is freedom. The problem I have is my lack of trust and unbelief that they are dictating decisions based upon my (and your) well being. Selfishiness corrupts all eco-systems. Have any of you seen a beehive? One that is deep in the forrest, untouched by man? It is marvelous how they work all day long for the good of the hive. True, a beehive is a matriarch, and a bug has no morale. But the selflessness is what makes their eco-system flourish and thrive; this is what we lack in our society. But let’s some up this rant by a simple biblical proverb: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I would be a liar and a hypocrite to say that I continuously live by this principle. However, it is what we need: Equality. President to farmer; CEO to temporary worker; gay to straight; male to female; correctional officer to inmate; we need to respect one another. We must turn away from selfishness, and embrace equality. Seek forgiveness. Put others above yourself. Listen!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope my words encourage and help everyone see that selfishness is a parasite in our world.

My book Ruse of Discontent is in it’s final stages and the first 10 chapters have been published. In the middle of Oct. I’ll be submitting my novel to the James Jones First Novel Fellowship out of Wilkes University. Hopefully, I’ll win the contest and acquire a publication contract. Thank you all for your encouragement and I hope to hear from everyone about what they think of my breakout novel, Ruse of Discontent.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
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