Marcus McFarlane

“HAVE YOU EVER” by Marcus McFarlane

Have you ever sought a little validation from your love just to hear alot of hesitation , maybe just a little affection will make this day a lot more pleasant.Instead insecurity starts to seep in maybe I’m not enough and other men are starting to creep in.

Did I do something wrong was the love i gave not that strong or the things she needs wasn’t received. through all the good deeds and baby what do you need ,anticipation for the simple things from your best friend your love. snuggles,kisses and hugs turn to shoulder shrugs ,mugs and damn what do you want . but naw not us we good in our relationship that’s just your single friends hatin and shit ! mind your own, this is mine and I’m hers . just to realize actions ain’t matching words ,love you babe is no longer heard .scratching my head wondering damn why she acting like that, not too sure how to react but to keep saying and doing the things you hope to get back .

have you ever sought validation from your love .it was all good in the beginning what did I do wrong have you ever heard this sad song ,damn where did I go wrong I just wanted love. hold on wait a minute babe this bad trip is almost over praying to God don’t let me get sober,I’m drunk in love but for her was it just lust .trust and believe I’m a man in need covering up insecurities with hollow deeds, phrases like I guess you busy so when you get a chance get back wit me,but in my mind I’m thinking this shits absurd when is my heart gonna be heard ,she got some nerve.after all that we been through yeah even the bullshit that men do you say let’s make up but was that all pretend .I’m just now starting to comprehend but damn why now we just made it to the end,I guess it really is the end.

I’ve never been one to lash out I really wanna ……nah it ain’t worth shit ain’t been perfect,but damn you supposed to have my back i aint supposed to be fightin for my life and wit my wife.why the hell you actin like that,are you trying to get me back for the ways I use to act.through thick and thin Ive been all in ,if its over don’t wake me up I’m in a deep sleep enjoying the dream life. with my perfect wife and great life even though I’m behind these walls I felt like with you by my side I cant fall and from you ain’t no wrong.I don’t believe love can be this hateful, you know what though for the experience I’m truly grateful .now I see this for what it was comfort not us being in love ! have you ever felt this way or fell so deep,don’t play this sad song go ahead and move on because it gets greater later so they say and life goes on !

Marcus McFarlane #A698-790 901
leavittsburg Ohio, 44430

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  1. All the best with your love Marcus. It must be hard when you’re in prison for you both, I pray that you can both stay strong and get through this.


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