Why the shorter i get do i feel so insecure unsure, even scared about being released i thought becouse i cut loose all my unhealthy friends and focused on me that this last 10 months would be so easy but its turning out t the hardest yet. i reached out through pen pal site written over 45 snail mail letters open hearted letters hoping i would meet at least one good healthy friend to lean on. for advice insight to start my new inner circle along with the fresh chapter. yet despite all these people in this pen al mag saying 100% reply just friends all this bullshit i can’t find one healthy friend no what i’m hurt deeply hurt for the first time in my life i’m finding myself having to ask for help and of all things a simple friend is all i need to finish my rehibilitation off.. i refuse to give up, i have a lot to offer the world, and am eager to learn the devil knows my safe time is almost up, soon they’ll open the gate and he’ll be at me and for the first time in my life i’m honestly scared. need help my daghter is going through hella stuff with my grandson and is health something is wrong with his kydney. i really , need a break someone to talk to about the simple things kody osco 640807 ,W.C.I P.O.BOX 12 LEBANNON OHIO, 45036

DOC #640807

Categories: friends, Kody Osco

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