Anthony Waters

A LETTER TO MY SONS by Anthony L.Waters


It’s nothing in this world you can’t achieve,
any heart can be cure,
as long as it finds love and loyalty thats pure,
this life is everything but sweet,simple and easy,
You is suppose to trust in people,
that feel like your not of there equal.
hell you have to learn when to say no,
you gone have to keep your shield up around the people you know,
because they are the ones who would hurt u the most,
its always the ones that is close,
back stabbers nine times out of ten,
be family or friends,
life is what you make of it at the end,
love your self first, work hard all day and protect whats yours,
and one day you will fly next to the great men who sored,
never get evil to settle the odds you have to get even,
you are an icon that you must believe in,
never be bitter you would have to be better,
this just a little letter to remind yourself if you watch yourself,
you can see the change in your self before the wealth,
A lot of people don’t mean you no good,
but always respect your self and others,
never forget that u came from the hood,
and let the world know you by your actions,
if u could u would simple as that,,
if she love ya then wrong or right she’ll have your back,
even when its hard to bear the facts,
no woman u should ever hit with your fist to hurt,
and always put your kids,your girl and your God first,
never say what u don’t mean and do what u say u gone do,
remember every step u take somebody is watching u,
like an angel that help brought u through,
Don’t never try to be like your father be better then I,
as you can see,
the law will make room in a dungeon for anybody that want to be a Gee,
every day of the week u have to realize u are the key,
the world depending on u to be better then me,
obstacles in life gone try to crush u,
don’t panic because every seed has to be cracked in order for it to grow,
and never forget u will reap what u sow.
knowledge its self open up doors to success,
Allah put more pressure on the shoulders of his troopers that is his best,
life is a preparation for your final test when u rest,
so what ever u do life lil Anthony and Ya’laun don’t stress.
you are always in my heart and truly missed,
love ya’ll always with a great big hug and fatherly kiss…

peace the the true and living

DOC #720-786

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