“What do you want in a Relationship?” by Ronald C. Moore, Jr.

We all want someone we can count on to stand by us through thock or thin. This is the lover who matters. Most people think being a good lover os about being able to perform sexual feats with great skill and sensitivity. That would be great if we spent all otr lives in the bed. But the truth of the matter is a good lover does’nt start or end in the bedroom. A good lover is the one who stays when all others have walked away. It does not matter if he is agile as a cat and as sensitive as a frayed nerve ending. If he does not love you with his heart, stroing your body and teasing you senses will soon become meaningless. Loving the body is not enoough. Your mind and your sporot need to be cared for too. Who cares if your man is built like Adonis if he does’nt stand by you in a storm? His twinkling eyes mean nothing if he does not prove to be reliable in a crisis. Precious ladies, being a good lover is more than lips, hips, and fingertips. it is the ability to hold the cold wind of life in your hot hands until the wind warms under your loving touch. it is standing by the bed until the light goes out in my eyes and you kiss my face one final time. It is the ability to stay with me until the machine stops and the ventilator ceases to pump air into my lungs, and I speak one last time or squeeze your hand. If you ever have to fight a real storm, you will need a lover, but not the kind you might normally seek. This is a lover of the day, not just the night. Lovers that deal with the day are more difficult to find than the kind that grope you in the night. If a tragedy occurs economicallyor, worse still, physically, will he still be your lover? I knoe these are sobering thoughts that people seldom consider, but they are the realities of life. I know the that the word ‘lover’ is thrown around carelessly and often misused, especiallyy today. Since I am using it often, I must differentiate between what I am speaking of and what our times have suggested about a lover. The term is broadly applied to every conceivable type of sexual arrangement known to man. But please understand me, when I use the term ‘lover’, I use it in the way that God intended. I use it to describe the sanctity and holiness of a person in a committed matital relationship. But it means more than just being married. I use it to describe partners following God’s plan. There are married people who are not lovers. These are the adulterers, the gold diggers, the indifferent spouses. Some people have personal scars that are so deep they find it difficult to adhere to god’s plan. i understand that. Being an active participant in a committed marriage, is not an esy task, and many people fail at it. But just because people have a hard time living up to the role does’nt mean that the concept of holy matrimony is faulty. od’s plan is perfect. it is his creatures that are not. What threatens this nation is the fact that so many people have become so frustrated that they have altered the Master’s plan to fit their own situation and needs. But it is illogical to redraw a map to fit their the fact that we are lost. That is what we do when we enter into ‘pseudo’ love affairs. they mimic marriage and actually mock it. I realize that mant of these ‘pseudorelationships’ are sincere and meaningful to the participants. but it it possible to be sincerly wrong. Tragically, most of this generation has reduced love to sex.They are not the same things. Theseeasy-come, easy-go affairs have no lasting substance and are much like loose clothes. Loose clothes are great when it’s hot, but when it is cold, you need something that hugs the skin and forbids the elements to have access to you. That’s what i want in a relationship, don’t you? Who wants a relationship that slips off like a bathrobe in a hailstorm? I want a relationship that will protect me from the storms of life. this should be everyone’s ideal. Let’s go after it. we may fall short of our goal, but shame on us if we lose sight of the goal altogether. marriage is meant to be forever, and the only way for a relationship to survive to the uncertainty of the future and the inevitable ups and downs of life is if true love is its foundation. So i ask you, “WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP?”

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