Justin Oliver

I’m such a ham! by Justin Oliver

I’m bored.
so this is what I’ve been for the last hour to keep me occupied. ive come up with a bunch of sayings that typically include the word “hand”, but replace it with the word “ham.”
yeah…..real exciting stuff.
I hope you enjoy how in wasted a whole hour of my life.
*clears throat *

slight of ham
clap your hams
first ham experience
ham stitched
ham of god
right ham man
caught red hamded
ham/eye coordination
good with your hams
ham to ham combat
ham single
hamdy man
gotta ham it to you
the sound of one ham clapping
hams up,don’t shoot
the ham maids tale
wash my hams of you
ham grenade
join hams In prayer
don’t bite the ham that feeds you
and last but not least….
ham job

Justin Oliver
DOC #610338

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