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Science, Philosophy Politics and Poems by Travis Smith

I am a 45 year old inmate at Allen correctional inst. in Lima Ohio.My name is Travis Smith ,I have been in prison since 2006 my outdate is 2046. I am very interested in science,mostly astrophysics and cosmology. I also am interested in philosophy and politics.I always wanted to try poetry, but past attempts have not turned out well.My latest attempt was inspired by a pretty woman,and I thought turned out well,titled miss freckles,which I will write as my first post.I am currently writing an on going story that must be posted in an on going series if able to do this long term.I also write occasional political articles.My story is about the issue of whether we have souls or not and is argued using science and philosophy. I personally believe we do and wish to demonstrate the idea using my knowledge I have gained by reading while incarcerated.
I became incarcerated after a severe addiction to opioid pills lead me to committ a series of bank and pharmacy robberies.I was born in the Celina/st.Marys Ohio area,but moved to Marion Ohio and lived there most of my adult life.You can either contact me through jpay site Travis smith#529433 ,ACI,Lima oh, or write Travis smith #529433 ACI 4501,Lima Oh 45802
Thank you for your time,

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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  1. Travis I pray that the Lord will Bless your life and your poetry! Keep going! I remember when The Holy Spirit first started giving me music. And music is poetry! It did not always make much sense to me but I trusted Him. Its hard to trust in the beginning. Blessings to you!


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