Antony Kizer

shout out to the Real Women by Antony kizer

I wanna give a shout out to all the ladies holding they man down while he locked up. y’all don’t receive enough credit. So im letting you know know you are appreciated beyond anything we could say out our mouths. I feel like they should have a day out the year for y’all like mother’s day. and i want all the fellas that had a strong women behind them when they was locked up I want you to let her know daily how much you appreciate her and especially when you get out I want you really to do everything in them letters and jpays, you said to her I want you to really focus on her and her needs because being with a nigga in jail is hard. especially if she hold it down like she supposed to. and don’t mean them ones who wrote you one letter or sent some pictures only when they was free I’m a girl that was really there cause being there don’t just mean financially either cause i know its hard but it don’t take nothing to let em know you thinking about me or I missed and. that’s for all the real B****** holding it down and making it known we ain’t dead. # ALL THE RENEE’S the count DOWNto the return TO THE throne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antony Kizer
DOC #651036


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