Matthew Newton

Just an entry for anyone: by Matthew l Newton

I think it’s easy for people who have never done time, even for those who know someone or are personally involved with someone who is to doing time to forget just how easy it is to lose track of time.
This place is the very definition of “Out of sight, out of mind.”, Where the people behind bars are treated like collectables on a shelf that only get dusted off whenever they catch the eye of the people that own them. They can’t blaim those who own them for this, they are just belongings, property, payed for by the state, by the tax payers of the state because at one point in their lives they did something wrong, maybe even a few things wrong. Some even terribly wrong; but instead of that state putting them down or melting them for spare parts it decided that the best thing to do was to stock them away together in a place that lets them, even though none is visable, hope.

Can the idea that you simply exist, and that is all you have to look forward to be the truth?

Is it really us? Are we really so impatient that we don’t see that the definition of “instant gratification” is like, six months or more and expecting any results, or replies or responces to our calls or emails anytime before that is just us being unrealistic or pushy?

I dated this woman from another state a few years back who ran a newsletter for a bunch of people doing time. Every email I sent her she responded to. Every phone call she answered or sent me a text saying why she hadn’t.
I guess she was the exception, and not the rule.

I really should have treated her better.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868


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    • Thank you for this. I am supporting someone with possible brain injury and personality disorders who should be in a care facility not prison, I identify so much. I have exhausted all avenues even the home office. I have no idea were to turn next. x


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