Baretta Wilford

I’M COMING HOME !!!! by Baretta Wilford

Well I know it’s been awhille since i’ve hit yall up.In the time i’ve been gone I went up to the parole borad and I got a parole!!!!!! I get out 8 months and I well have done 26 years day for day.I got to say that all kind of feelings is going through my head.I know i’m gone do good when I get out because I learn skills since i’ve been down and i’m not talking about video games ( don’t even know how to play them )I didn’t lay in the bed and fuck off my whole time and put my mind to work.
I did my time like a real man.
I to blocked out the real world so I can keep my mind and be worth something when I get out.Now that i’m on my way back to the real world I see that i’m alone in this world and it has pasted me by.Yeah I got afew friends in my life and i’m thankful for that,but I can’t lie I do feel so alone.People tell me you gone have all kind of things coming at you when you get out your not gone feel like that.But I can’t help how I feel now.I got to start to rebuild my life from nothing.All of my family has moved on,( my sister Niecy stayed down )beening in prison so long people tend to forget about you.I don’t like that,but I put myself here,but I still got feelings.I’m from Cleveland,Ohio but I think since i’ve been gone so long why not go some where new.I got so many things I want to do & place’s to see.Yeah you know I can’t wait to get with something soft.I will never look at a woman the same again.See most men really don’t take the time to see everything a woman is,the way they walk,the way she smell,how her hair just flow when she move,or if it’s short how it lay on her.The way she looks at you when you talking to her,how she looks when she sleep and just every damn thing.When I get on my feet I hope I can find me some one I can have my first kid with.I know i’m all over the place and I don’t know how to really do a blog so i’m just talking.
My old friend Dana hit me up. and it’s been over 25 years since we talked and it’s good to have my bruh back.he my oldest friend and he’s helping me leave this prison way of life & thinking behind me, it’s alittle hard but he stay on my ass.Because he know i’ve been through some dark times in this bitch.I had to get it out the mud and get down for mines.
One good thing I already got a job line up,place to stay so my GOD has looked out for me on that tip.Man I never thought this day would come.I don’t even know how to be free.I gone have fun learning how to.I can’t wait to get up and go when I want to.Or use the bathroom with a door,get in a bathtub ( not a lone I hope )To go out to eat some food that didn’t come in a bag.I want to be around real people.I want to live,I mean really live ya know.I have not been happy for 26 years…
Now I do have afew good people in my life.JB,Fatty,Neicy,Dana,Tracie.So i’m glad about that.Do you know i’ve never been in a relationship.I never been inlove before.See I was in them streets so deep.I didn’t have time for no one and I hurt some good people one of them is Belinda Wallace and I’m sorry for how I did you.I couldn’t see the love you had for me.Nadia Brown I’m sorry that I could not be who you needed me to be.Tha street life had me so open I could not see the love yall had for me.So i’m sorry for hurting yall.
I started at 10 years old running the streets.So yes I do not know what happiness that life can give you.and you know what? I look forward to it all.Prison is a really bad thing,but it open my eyes to what’s life is about.I went from living in a cell with no water,did not know if it was night or day,not being feed,no showers,being treated like I was’nt even a man.Boy I got tails any-e-way I did not let this break me like most men did.It only made me stronger.well I feel better now and I hope some one read this and let me know what you think good or bad I can use any feedback so may GOD be with you..

Baretta Wilford
DOC #a291-175


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