Marvin Burrage

Introducing Marvin Burrage

my name is
Mr Marvin J Burrage
intake date 5-7-91
parole date 2021
to contact me you have to go to “JPAY” and set up an account,, its free
As I said my name is Marviin and I have been in jail for 27 years for murder,my sentence is 15 years till life,I didn’t committ the murder but I was there and it wasn’t supposed to happen,but as I go on I will tell the whole story on inmate blogger,as a matter of fact I will put my life story on here,people always told me I should write a book on my life,but I didn’t know how,but this way I will just talk and I will start as far back as I can remember,and the title of my story will be,,,”BORN TO WIN,RAISED TO LOSE” and everything will be uncut and for now thank you for your time..

Marvin J Burrage
DOC #256209

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