Karlton Kincaid



,farewell til your welcomed home, tears well as their held for thrones.
,welcome home to those left alone, the one you are, who was gone.
,farewell as life lives it long, even in absence you live among.
,the life you left to be alone, you left alone to be that one.

,farewell to who and when it was, the past is lived through every song.
,to celebrate would make it strong, the strong last long the long live on.
,farewell to love, the lost, and gone, return with hope and sing us songs.
,to celebrate when left alone, for the ones who knew what’s REALLY known.

,farewell to thoughtlessly feeling numb, this season’s colder than heats the sun.
,ironically smart and as dumb as some, and maybe even dumber than none.
,farewell to family and friends along, the way to change, my name lives on.
,the stage a maze, the maze my home, to puzzled for the new who’ve come.

,farewell to black, the blunt, the gun, the fear of loss, the brave of won.
,winner’s lose the race they run, when race is why we run for fun.
,farewell to white, the right, it’s done, so whose afraid to face the sun.
,the life of I, the one whose come, the light for eyes, to watch me from.

Savvinardo Savinci,

DOC #657181

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