Zolia Villa

by Zoila Villa

“My heart is a stereo it beat for you so listen close”~Maroon 5

As the years,mintue,hours go by I never forget the beautiful people that destiny brought to my life and left imprint memories filled with love and happiness….If you reading this to late…. I took for granted, your smile:-) πŸ™‚ and our memories, for this I am sorry……you the one I think of always and dream of…..my love your love…you are unforgettable ~~French Montana …you the best I’ve ever had….Drake…..I’m thinking bout you….”she ain’t you” ~Chris Brown
I listening to Akon album Freedom…one my favorite song “Right (na na na)” its been so long that I haven’t see your face….why can be way it was you were my homie, lover and friend… I miss you much ….I want you fly, I miss you lie with me, wish you can dine with me,the one grind with me…. mistakes were made between us too..Mr.Hollywood #City of Angels #7…day n nite I wishing on star to follow were you are…..My heart will go on…Celine Dion…you,all always be my baby ~ mariah Carey….the one that got away~ Katy Perry…..
I hope all you dreams came true and have love joy and happiness…..you memory is imprinted in my heart….my Hollywood James Dean…..One Day…
Take a shot for me…Drizzy
TAKE CARE~drake album

Wrie me:
Zoila M.Villa #WE8159
16756 chino~corona red
corona,ca 92880

or register on Jpay.com and email me
imateblogger.com/ category/Zoila-Villa/

“LOVE”:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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