Afria Queens and white goddess by Kenneth Nixon

so we think we understand how to love a woman. My Scriptures for the month to study is Ecc 1:8-11 Pro 27:20 and Rom 8:38 To the insignificant, small minded men. Who believe they reflect the highest degree of a womans fantasy. Boy stop!!!!! I noticed that 10 percent of men truly produce, perfect AGAPE, self-sacrificial love wholeheartedly for our beautiful goddess. Just as death and destruction are never satisfied ,so human being women desires are never satisfied .so we could never understnad the strengths , hearts ,souls ,emotions sexualitys fears ,flaws, personalitys ,wisdom knowledge, and understanding of a smart transparent.empowering positive attitude that our beautiful Queens hold. i see it takes incradible reserves of courage ,patience ,perseverance , and more then just using the word love to show the degree of the word . remember ,a woman who truly loves herself put’s a man like myself at ease. What are the things u really like about urself ; and feel grateful and blessed because of them? Enthusian is one of the most powerful engines of success. when u do a thing ,do it with all ur might .Put ur whole soul into it… nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. the first ingredient in conversation is truth; next ,good sense ;the third ,good humor; and the fouth, wit .The first rule is to be honest. Don’t open ur mouth unless u say something u believe to be true .i love clarity in a woman and clarity can only comes from the truth .Say exactly what u mean ,and mean exactly what u say even in the heat of passion. tell her the truth .and when u speak project ur voice is sensual and sexy. If i feel ur’re being honest ,i let down my barriers .the more i believe in u and trust u ,the more i could start to relax and smlie only then can the woman truly enjoy who u are a woman want to allow ur romantic advances to begin working on my male sensibilities. the second golden rule is to listen. If ur’re interested, u become interesting .Looking and listening for a mans inner truth without Imposing ur own fear, envy, comparison ,and judgment will enable u to hear what she is really saying dont let ur previous, history, bias ur point of views intead of trying to change it or convince me other wise ,show some interest in my opinion. If u take the emphas is off whoever ur companion is; and put it on me , u’ll be amazed at ur reaction. Let’s put listening and self confidence into action men .To show our unity. think confident, think focus, think calm. Find a way to relax, run around the black women. make love to ur self but if a man truly want to understand a woman look inside urself and all that u believe that should take place in a realtionship that u would want for urself she wants the same respect .so her desires should not end with a hello ,and a good bye after sex 25 percent of men do it,or just turn over and go to sleep on her, leaving her with thoughts of mr. right holding her all night doing it right ,kissing her to sleep men we have the most badest understanding of women because we think a 10 peace could keep waiting around for truly love.the only way that would happens if she’s in love with u and only if her mother showed her patience with her as a child. so my thoughts are just this we men need to find out about our He-motion beacuse as transparent as life is a Good positive woman makes this life as human beings real because GOD made us life him. So i end this with thank about how to love a real woman first before u start a relationship bye !!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for feeling my thoughts world

Kenneth Nixon
DOC #00491143


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