Da'Von Motley Sr.

#CountryMusic By: Da’Von Motley Sr.

Most People Are Good – Luke Bryan

I have this new found passion for #CountryMusic. I’ve always listened to different music like #pop and some #rockandroll but lately #Country has my ear. I only have one song on my jp5 player and its #WhatIf the remix by #KaneBrown and #LaurenAlaina. I can listen to it all day and night. I think that its because they talk about #Love so much and in a place like this love is lost. Sometimes it feels like life is lost and every dream you ever had was a nightmare and the future is just full of pain. When I listen to #CountryMusic I feel like anything is possible. I feel like I’ll be able to love hard and be loved again soon. I feel alive and able to face the world and everything it throws at me. It tells me that I can still have a life after prison. All the bad that’s on the new stations, all the politics, all the crazy things that’s going on don’t matter when a good #Country song comes on and changes my perception on that moment and that day. #MarenMorris has a song called #ICouldUseALoveSong that’s just simply beautiful and is one of my favorite songs. #FloridaGeorgiaLine and #BeBeRexha has a song called #MeantToBe that’s amazing. Its a lot of the newer #Country that I guess I like but I’m sure its some older #Country that I will soon #Love as well. Well goodnight people and thanks for being an ear and shoulder to lean on when times are tough!

#WrittenInTheSand by #OldDominion

Comments/Concerns/Reviews: JPAY or USPS

Mr. Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr. #707-119
Northeast Ohio Correctional Center
2240 Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44505

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