Paul Stotts

“Relentless Prison Ministries hosts a two day, all day even. We have a donated cow, and three guests that have traveled from the Twin Cities, MN to Kansas to spend time and share music with us.” By Paul Stotts

Today, Wednesday Aug. 9th, A staff member named Cody Carter, who has started his own prison ministry project called “Relentless,” hosted the first day of a two day, all day event. We started at about 8am and ended just before 2:30pm count time.
The event is a quarterly celebration of the program that Cody independently runs here at the prison. It’s amazing the dedication and energy this man has put into the prison ministry. On top of that he does it independently. The man is approxamitly 28 years old and has a true calling for this work.
Cody stated as a religious unit counselor and then branched off into his own ministry when he sow there was a calling in the Max, security area. Over time, the max. area has been turned into Med. and Max. security due to the Med. unit being torn down, so the program is available to both security levels.
The day was filled with volunteers sharing stories, some AMAZING music by a musician from the Twin Cities in MN, and of course some food that was well above the standard for prison. A volunteer happened to donated a cow and have the meat prepared ahead of time. As you can imagine, we had some home cooked food that was top shelf!!! Everyone left full!!!
The event was a fun time. For me, it was a much needed day filled with incouragment that shows the true kind nature of a warm hearted person. Three of these men traveled all the way from The Twin Cities to spend two days with us prisoners and show us a good time. Talk about incouragment!!!!! I felt the love!!!
The day felt like time away from the prison. Being able to congragate in the chapel for half the day, talk to positive people, and be incouraged does something for the heart. It renews, it refreshes, and it reenegrises!
I can’t say enough good things about this man named Cody Carter and what he does for us. I plan to tell you more about the experience as it unfolds tomorrow.
I hope all you readers are able to find similar positive people to spend your time with on the outside. I hope you will have an opportunity to incourage someone in your life, just as these men and women who have volunteered to spend their time here these two days have for me.
God bless you and stay positive,

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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