Edward Bowe


[[[ Are things really as they seem to be needed at ? Or are they at a place of constant change where they belong not ? I have what I call my 7 personal Rs:”Remember,Retain,Recall,Recognize,Realize and don’t Regret & Regress ! ! !” These words are critical for what comes our way in life. All you have to do is ponder upon them & things will become clear in ALL that you do.
Our minds think differently, so, ” If everybody think alike, then nobody thinks”. Meaning that there will be no change in anything(i.e. technology, science, physics, ideas, etc)y’all get the picture. I am just a normal person with a mind full of FORGET ME NOTS that are forgotten, overlooked & somethings not even thought of, I suppose…..-PONDER.
Anyway we live our lives in spheres that people see through their eyes only & not the eyes of the other. But, what they view is not what they know to be. So, what appears through their eyes is not what they are actually seeing, but what they want to see. And this brings about other thoughts & ways of, the other WORLDS(angels,humans,jinns,fish,etc). -PONDER.
As incarcerated prisoners, some of us we are strong(willed) mentally. But, it is not enough in prison by your lonesome self. So Family support is needed & the want of it, is in its ownself, stabilized. We try to make the best of what you have & however that results, the rest falls where it is decreed. This sounds confusing, but, ” Seek to search without a doubt. And sought for search will find it out “. – PONDER.
Where can you be when you are flimsy, loose, & restless ? In a place that is in your comfort zone of course; your secluded(i.e. bed,corner,table,spot on the floor,etc)space. Finding your comfort cubical is easy for some of us in prison, while others, have a hard time finding their peace. What is designed for you may not be for the next person, but it is all the same.
There is much to be found & much to be gained. But, what shall this day bring…, a day of happiness & delight full of laughter & joy. Or a day of agony & defeat, full of mayhem & destruction ? Where am I going with all of these words herein, that are in the back of our minds ? To a place that we all go, from time to time. -PONDERING THOUGHTS. ]]]

Edward Bowe
DOC #1186718


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