Carlos Piper


u know being in prison for so long u tend to come across females that u meet while you’re in prison and sometimes u remain good friends sometimes u get catfished alot of times u lose contact with each other but then depending on how many females come through u start to be attracted to their personality then pictures may be exchanged and now the whole connection is getting more personal because u know what they look like, now its a face to the voice n personality and a picture can make all the difference because now u have a visual to fantasize about when words, letters, and emails are exchanged and as time go on you start to getting more personal and sexual with conversations y’all are having feelings become a real thing between y’all a lot of females have concerns about guys using them and they should be but the main thing u should be aware of when that come to play is if they always ask for money and for u to buy them things that’s red flags but u have all of men like myself who won’t ask for anything but maybe pictures because guys in prison get catfished alot but gay men its a real thing so we have our little ways to find things out but back to what I was saying u know when the feelings are genuine and mutual if the guy worries more about your well being n not focus on himself so much look for things like that like is he always talking about what he want or need having u order this that and the third not asking how u are or if everything is alright with u we also can send little trinkets or order gifts or have a picture drawn to send to u that shows some type of effort to make u feel good but don’t get me wrong u have scamming ass niggas that will do the same thing but u would know who they are it all come down to the money thing niggas would tell u anything to get in ya pocket if u send something send it because YOU want to not because he told to but u have good guys too like myself that dealt with women through out these years and we sent EACHOTHER money it was mutual exchanges u wanna see just as much compassion and effort from ya mate as u give to them

Carlos Piper
DOC #680422D

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