Karlton Kincaid



grown from which I’m root, this soil is my proof.
this tree erects truth, my leaves fall loose.
these branches shade you, in needs of refuge.
depend on my timber, when trusted I’ll roof.

beaten by wind, rain, and frosting.
from heat have you protected me, shingling.
preserve me and you’ll triumph seasonly.
sheltered from danger, you’ll sleep peacfully.

pray in the sanctuary of my domain.
sacred have you made this space holy.
pure do your thoughts transcend me loftly.
the height of which I am, beyond do you reach.

home is the temple of your love,
hope is prayer reached above,
rooted in life with growth as trust,
trust builds to shelter us,

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

Categories: Karlton Kincaid, poems

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