Paul Stotts

“The Shashank Redemption movie… it gives an unconventional refrence for a good book read” By Paul Stotts

Out of curiosity I recently bought a book from an author that I’d never read before. I actually can say it was the first older French style read I’ve ever picked up.
So where did I come across the author of my first French read you may ask… well actually the answer is from a movie you may have heard of… “The Shashank Redemption.” It’s Arguabily one of the best prison movies ever. Well if you remember, I think it was the charactor Andy (it might have been Red), when he was working in the library, pulled a book off the shelf to give to another inmate. The book was “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. No, No…. not Dumb Ass….. the French pernouncation is Dumas with a short a.
Ever since I sow that scene in the movie, I wondered to myself “who is this French author that is good enough to make it into the movie… is he even a real author?” With my natural curiosity, I contacted my family and had one of his books ordered. The one I ordered was another classic of his called “The Corisican Brothers.” It was a facinating story full of family values, of war, of peace, and full of french style words that I’d never heard of but broadened my vocabularly all the same.
The book was actually quite good. The story plot drew to a conclushion that was awfully exciting. The brothers having strong family values to the end. If you haven’t read the story, it’s one worth picking up, agleast to get a taste of the French style story telling.
In conclushion, If you’ve watched the movie “The Shashank Redemption,” and wondered about the “Dumas auther, you’ll be pleasantly happy that the auther is as good as Andy gave him credit for.
Enjoy your reading and keep a positive outlook!!!! Best wishes and happy reading,

Paul Stotts
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