I dedicate this blog to all the mothers,moms,and foster mothers out there.No matter what race,age,or gender.To all those mothers no longer with us may God continue to keep you in peace as you rest.I know my mother may be reading this so,I thank you for giving me life no matter how things have turned out with me being in prison.You are my rock which has kept me fighting and going to get back home to you,I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY. This goes out to all the single mothers who provide taking the place of the fathers role along with their own.Mothers day is the day where we as men and women take the time to acknowledge that without YOU!!!! we don’t exist.I hope and pray that all mothers have a blessed day knowing that even by a total stranger, I appreciate God creating y’all to give us life.I’ll close with until next Mothers Day continue to do what y’all do raising our future generation to help form a better world.I personally send love out to all the mothers who hold down anybody incarcerated behind these walls of madness.Stay blessed and safe having a HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY!!!!!


Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

Categories: holidays, Shawn Diaz

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