Tammy Dodd

What is wrong with today’s kids By: Tammy Dodd

I just wanted to talk a few minutes about how I grew up and this new generation of kids. When I was in High School, the boys that had trucks always had a gun rack and a Rifle hanging in their back window on that rack. Some even had a fishing pole on the empty slot for fishing after school. The thing is in the winter time the boys would all go hunting after school let out. It was a perfectly normal thing. In the spring and summer months, they would go fishing when school let out. Their parent’s trusted them because they were brought up to respect guns. Everybody had one, even the kids. Also a knife, all the boys carried pocket knifes, sometimes the teacher might need something cut and she would say, who has a knife. It’s this new generation. I remember that my deceased husband had to dig a waterline to our new home. We had some money but, not alot so we done most of the work ourselves. When he dug the waterline, he had our boys cover it back up. They done what they were told, as part of the family they knew they had certain responsibilities, unlike kids today. That is a whole other story on it’s own. But, after they done what they were told, they were rewarded. Their Dad went and bought them all a new 410 shotgun for their hard work. They were so excited! Yes, things sure are different these days. If you ask me, I think it has alot to do with the parent’s not teaching gun safety if they have guns, that should be a priority. I think the parent’s are mostly to blame. Atfer all, if something is hot we teach our kids not to touch it or they will get burned. Why do we not do the same things with guns, something much more deadly and life changing?That’s all I have on this one. Ya’ll stay safe!
Many Blessings,

Tammy Dodd
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  1. Well, I must say when I was in high school in a big city none of the boys drove trucks and sure didn’t have gun racks or fishing poles!! Then I moved to this small country town and sure enough…it was exactly like you said!! Even us good girl scouts had a pocket knife…lol….
    I never was taught how to use a gun, do I certainly never taught my kids. Thankfully, as adults they are quite the marksman and are passing it along to their kids… I on the other hand am not….maybe that will be on my bucket list!


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