Da'Von Motley Sr.

“No Regrets…???” By: Mr. Da’Van Joshua Motley Sr.

Lstening to: Another One – by DVSN

A lot of people throughout my lifetime has told me to “never regret anything that you will do or have done”. Thats one of those “easier said than done” kind of things. I feel differently about that now. I regret the pain and suffering I caused. There’s no doubt I feel now that I have become more of a man of my words and actions than ever before. As for the past… yes there’s a lot that I regret. I dont think anybody can sit and honestly say they have no regrets. I’m not saying dwell on the past but at least try to learn from that situation or experience. I can honestly say that I treated a lot of special people in my life wrong for selfish reasons. I now see more clearly that my thoughts and actions 10-15 years ago were one sided. I can’t take the pain away I’ve caused. I didn’t try to repair what I thought broke. I now can only hope that I was some sort of motivating factor despite my negativity. I’m making this personal because I now see how dear a person can truely be to your heart and heartless actions can destroy everything true love stands for. I can’t say I was doing what I felt in my heart was right back then. I can say now I have a clearer sight of what’s true and right. I’m not perfect but I strive to be humble and understanding over arrogance and decisiveness. Making better, more thought out decisions and actions will eliminate the possibility of regrets in the future. I’m sorry to those I hurt! I suggest those who have these thoughts of regret to attempt to mend and try to repair broken friendships and make peace with those people you’ve hurt. It may be a first love, high school sweetheart, parent, child, family, or someone you were close to and you took advantage of the relationship. Let them know you now understand how valuable they were to you. In closing I ask “if you had the chance to do it over in this present time after all you’ve been through, would you?”

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Da’Van Joshua Motley Sr.
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  1. Great post. There is a trend for ‘no regrets,’ and thinking defiance is cool. But everyone has regrets, and I think it’s healthy to have them. No one has lived a perfect life. But it depends how you define ‘regret.’ If you mean ‘sorry that something happened’ or ‘only focusing wistfully on the past.’ Regrets are normal, but as you say, it’s what you do about them that gives them any purpose.


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