Critic #1 by Matthew Epperson

I’m closing in on a years worth of work towards my novel A Splendid Compromise, and it has been close to 6 months since I’ve had anyone proof read it. I have a trusted friend in here who does not care about hurting my feelings. (Love you Stew) So I gave him the first two chapters for his viewing/critiqueing pleasure. Silly me.

I thought after a year after the most intensive work I’ve ever committed myself to, there would be more results. I will say this, Stew did sit me down, before the criticism, and say “Let’s discuss your literary future.” So, I’ve been floating on that to keep my head about water.

I’ve had other people say things like, “Don’t let it get you down,” or “He’s not even an editor,” but the truth of the matter is that I was invigorated by the criticism. I am committed to this novel, 110%, and everything Stew covered is only a glimpse of what a paid editor will say. They might even tell me, “You suck. Find another career.” So, against my big-headed pride, I’m not down, and I’m working even harder to make corrections, and Lord willing, bring it to your viewing pleasure by September. That date might fluctuate, but I’m working hard to keep it still. Thanks for all of your support and prayers. It has been a long journey, but I’ve come to believe that writing is part of my destiny. I love it and I wish I started earlier in my life!

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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  1. If you feel driven and compelled to write then do it no matter what anybody says or thinks – even if it’s a paid editor no matter how much he’s paid he may not understand your message or your intentions ..
    These days when it comes to publishing and with the internet and blogging you don’t have to wait for somebody to like you enough to put you out there LOL
    There is obviously a story inside of you that needs to get out so if I were you I would write it until you feel it’s complete and then pursue self-publishing. There are options.
    I’m pretty sure you’re not writing this book because you want it to be liked, you’re sharing your story, I’m sure it’s deep it’s raw it’s personal and I think part of our learning growing and evolving and spiritual growth is making peace with the past and becoming more aware and letting a lot of the old go and moving forward. Best of luck to you, I’ll keep an eye out for your completed story 🤙😶

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  2. I believe the love of writing is the first step in becoming a writer. The next step is to keep on writing — let your emotions and feelings flow into the words and the characters you create to give them life; to make them compelling to your readers. I encourage you to keep writing, believe in yourself!

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