Marcellus Henry

Special by Marcellus T. Henry

It be rare moment when you tell someone that they are special and he or she ask you why they are special. I was just thinking about my late grandma and she ask me one day why do I say after every conversation you know you special right.Instead of me answering the questions I laugh it off. Which I should have said…….. it is a selfless person or a kind ,caring individual.One who puts others first, without thinking. When you call and they come running.One who makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world.The kind of special that everyone dreams about. It is an action that very few have and all pray for this type of person to claim in their life. The type of special you’ll give your life just to see that person live. So, if you proclaim to anyone that they are special let them know why they are special because that might be your only chance to let them know why they are special.

Marcellus T. Henry
DOC #606-018

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