Deshanon Haywood

“Relationship” By Deshanon Haywood (Doug)

I try to avoid stressing but it get hard when you start losing faith in those you love the most. Just because the faith slipping away I do my best not to let it affect the love. Its disappointing to even admit that a situation such as prison can determine the dynamics of certain relationships, and its worst that some relationships won’t be able to survive prison. It’s a learning lesson to find out what each relationship was actually built on, and before being locked up I didn’t even know what I wanted from any relationship. So I cant really act surprised when the guys I was with because of a common money interest are no longer around, nor can I be surprised when the females that I was with just for a good time choose that over hard times. I’m thankful for those that was patient enough with me to learn how to actually love me, and I want to apologize to the same people for me just now trying to give them the time they gave me since Im not present. I understand life don’t stop for anyone else while I’m in here so I ask everyone to understand that I can’t accept lest or be treated different because of my situation. I just want the same love I would get if I was there.

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Lebanon, Oh 45036

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  1. “Real love knows no bounds,” or so the saying goes. Love is an emotion. Like any emotion, fear, sadness, and even happiness, it lulls and fades — grows and blossoms; it can never be constant. The magic of love is that the place it has to start is from within your own heart. When someone worth your love comes along, you’ll know it. Cheers!


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