Chaz Israel

Frustrated. by Chaz Israel

I am frustrated because of the double standards that run rampant in this society. I saw on the news that a 16 yr. killed multiple people after drunk driving, the defense his attorney gave,was he cannot be held responsible for his actoins because he lived such a life of privilege he did not understand the consequences of his actions!The judge agreed and gave him 10 yrs. probation,the 16 yr old then violates by leaving the country,and upon his capture he is made to do 3 yrs in prison.This was a white male.
At 16 I was beat and shot at because I wouldn’t join a gang,I walked around my neighborhood worried that I maybe killed,so I got a gun and when I was threatened I fired.For this I am to die in prison,I was sentenced to 23-life, meaning the parole board will give me a date and decide if I am rehabilitated or not,which they will not,and I can say this because I have watch them deny people for absolutely no reason,other then they don’t feel like it.I am frustrated because that young man killed those people and the world so fit to give him a chance to live,yet I don’t deserve the same!I was never a violent person,yet I am labeled a monster.I am frustrated because people don’t see how crazy it is too say that juveniles can’t drive,stay out pass 10,drink,vote,buy or rent a home,we can’t consent to sex, we can’t even serve in the military,and we can’t even serve on the jury that will convict us,yet we are old eoungh and capable of spending the rest of our lives in prison.Even with the new law stating it cruel and usual punishment to give us life without parole,it still is life because the parole board can keep us locked up without cause.If we take every program and have no displinary tickets,we are then said to be tricking the system some how.The people whom are now judging if we can get out are saying that we need to be flawless even though they are flawed themselves, they don’t let us know what we can do to help ourselves,they just say no and see us next time,which can be anywhere from 2-10yrs.If you feel like I am making myself out to be a victim,just know I think I deserve to be in prison,I took a person from this world no matter the situation, but at 16 I don’t believe that I am so irredeemable that I should die in prison. Just to show how the system is truly flawed and it effects you in 2016 OHIO paid over $90 million in wrongful conviction cases,if they get those case wrong maybe letting children die in prison is wrong.I just would like people to know that I was a kid that didn’t know any other way to handle that problem,there was no one to turn to,and I am not the monster I was tried to made to be.Those are some of the reasons I am Frustrated.

DOC #412-511

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  1. Reading your story created so much sadness for me.
    You are a wonderful person, intelligent, sensitive, wise, funny, sweet, caring and a gentleman.
    I am happy to have met you
    You deserve a life full of emotions and new adventures.
    You are a good person
    And to judge a person only at 16 years of age and keep him x 20 years in prison is not normal at all


  2. I’m from the UK, and I’m always pretty shocked that a 16 year old would get a life sentence. At 16, you have a decent chance for reform. Plus, at only 16, what has driven you to commit that crime? You’re not an adult, so the circumstances need to be looked at.


  3. Its really sad the system that we have. The racism that is so big still is disgusting. That boy should’ve been in jail for a sentence for each body. The system messed up my sons life for defending himself against his nephew grandfather because his father was beating his sister. Stay strong. There are ways to beat the system. Stay positive


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