Eric Hendon

Introducing Eric Hendon

Greetings fellow viewers, I’m blessed to have been given this opportunity to express myself beyond the circumference of these gates that surrounds this suppressive environment in which I reside hopes is to encourage individuals that even when deprived of certain luxuries that life has to offer ………. purpose is still given to the most undeserving. so without further a due. my name is Eric,I’m 35 yrs old.I’ve been incarsarated since 2013,I’m currently serving a Life sentence. however although that’s my reality,despite my predicament the essence of who I really am have been overshadowed by certain choices I’ve unfortunately made in life that doesn’t truly depict indepth who I am as a with me conveying with words through this blog all that lies within.I pray that your able to see the value within my existence.

contact info

by mail : Eric Hendon #A683128
P.O.Box 56
Lebanon,Ohio 45036

via internet : www.

prayers : forward any@all prayers to GOD . he,ll make sure i recieve them thank you. 🙂

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