Yes I know her… by: Melvin Robertson

Yes I know her. Quite well actually. We’re on a first name basis. In fact, I sleep with her every night and walk side by side with her throughout my days. When I shower she is there also, but selfish because I wash myself with no help from her. I even cook, but she won’t eat, so I eat alone as she flicks her hair in my direction seemingly with an attitude for no apparent reason. Constant drama!

When I think of my life at a time before this one she gets extremely jealous, abusive even; because as soon as those memories have disappeared I really feel her anger, her stinging punches and her vicious kicks. Thinking of my former life, all that I love and once loved, truly comes with consequences. Those are the times when she really makes her presence known. Especially when I’m having sex. She shakes her head in disgust and laughs as if I must be crazy. During those moments, she knows I’m the only one there no matter who I’m thinking of.

Sometimes she can be so cruel. Down right mean. Saying things to get under my skin like, “No one cares for you and this is why they no longer visit. Your commissary day is approaching but you won’t get a slip cause you have no money, Nah Nah! Better hope someone picks up the phone when its your turn to call. Boy haven’t you figured out everyone out there is sick? They’ve caught a bad case of ‘Out of sight, Out of mind!’ Don’t even think about getting a letter today or an email. Especially on your birthday or a holiday. But it’s okay, because you got me. You and I are together forever!”

Yes, I know her very well. Her name is Loneliness. Do you?

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196

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  1. This young man here is my brother. I never understood how people would always say I am innocent when they were in jail but I can honestly say my brother is innocent I sat through two trials the first was a hung jury the second trial the jury was out for so long I just knew they was going to find him innocent. But unfortunately our prison system and our judicial system is flawed and now he’s doing time away from his family we lost our dad while he was in there. Not wishing anything on my mother but she’s not a spring chicken anymore but Melvin keep your head up you know we got you. Love you always baby boy


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