The grosses brutality is practiced within our Penal Institutions in America. by Ronald Johnson

Prisoners are abused,ill fed, ill cared for,ill medical care here in Kansas,and further criminalized by mixing youths,who are not criminal ay heart, with harden men whose very souls aresteeped in crime and degrading practices. Governments “fram” out prisonersto self seeking contractors who are notrestricted in their practices and behavior toward these unfortunates and who obtainall the labor possible out of them,paying the government a most unholy wage for such labor of whichthe prisoners receivenext to nothing, or nothing at all , while the contractorsreceive the maximum share of the returns.All men and women who permit this without virle protest are unusually guilty under the Divine Lawor Christian Precept,and so long as such things can possibly exist,in any nation, that nationcannot rightly claim to be civilized,refined,enlightened,or Christian. All menas part of the Government and Women, are equally Gulity,and their SOULS are Blackened thereby. “Copied in part” By: Ronald Johnson P.O.Box 311 EDCF #79020 EL Dorado, KS.67042

Ronald Johnson
DOC #79020

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