Melvin Shaw Jr.

Introducing MELVIN SHAW Jr

Hey, There my name is Melvin sim shaw Jr. i was born on 12-04-91 so I’m 26yrs old I was born in Youngstown Ohio I lived there most of my life I use to go back and fourth to alexander city , Alabama for the the summer to stay whith my father siblings. well to fast track I am a big fan of fast cars and motorcycles I had a nice collection when I was out I also enjoy doing adventurous outdoor things such as bike riding, fitness training, swimming, cooking, horseback riding, fishing,and most of all listening and learning of others. may I add the fact I love animals. I bred cane corso dogs as well , I grew up around alot of positive mentors I can them. most of them was my fathers bike club members, which the group is called the Afro-dawgs, well my father was the President of that club back in 1999 until his life was taken by someone. the murder went unsolved in I was left to be raised by his fellow bike members,my mother and my dads Father. they helped me get through my struggle with being a fatherless child. I still go through crisis in my life when I feel down about the lost of my hero. in I feel bad because I let my 3 little sons down. I came to jail for a life sentence. now my kids are now 9,8,7 in they all are asking me the ? when are you coming back into my life, my babies are crying out for me how can I give them a reasonable answer. about my possibility of coming home without leaving them feeling as if there’s no chance. my mother and my kids are my fuel with out them I don’t know where I would be. i am just as torn up in the inside as them but i remain strong. I am trying to fight this case in file things but its so hard to break the chains. its like running through a maze looking for the correct way out. I have so much I want to accomplish I visualize becoming a successful entrepreneur so I can create jobs for all ages of ppl I want to be known as the man who gives ppl a chance to become what they dreamed of all there life. its so much talent/gifts In the world in a lot of ppl like myself from the inner city of a town of poverty where we dont know where to turn to to help make this come dream come true. I want to create opportunity we all deserve a shot. but I’m a changed man from 8yrs ago. i admit it took for me to go through the trials and tribulations to realize every good thing I had in the free world. but I refuse to let my kids go without a father. its to many men doing life with the same problem. I DREAM THT THEY GIVE LIFERS 2ND CHANCES. at least the the changed men. we had a motivational man name DUCHE BRADLEY/INFO@BADBOYSPRAY.COM who came in gave a good speech about god gives second chances duche Bradley speech was what I needed to here it has me on a righteous path to get my life together but we the inmates would had never a
had the opportunity to see duche Bradley if it wasn’t this wonderful woman Julie busby p.o box 2116 Dayton Ohio 45401-2116 phone 877-2821484 she runs a non profit for restoring men in prison to become better fathers she goes out of her way to help us see we can change I want to give thanks to her she is a awesome person I just started the class she has in I hope to help get her nation wide attention her and many others who believe in us behind the walls. thank you for your giving me a chance to be heard sincerely (MELVIN SHAW Jr #624671, P.O BOX 56 LEBANON OHIO 45036 OR LOG ON TO JPAY.COM )

Melvin Shaw
DOC #624671

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