Tony Smith

Introducing Tony Smith

Hi, my name is Tony Smith. I am 43 years of age and have been incarcerated since 1998. To address the pink elephant in the room, so to speak, I was convicted for the crime of murder.

When I was a young boy, did I ever think that I would be locked up for murder? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, my goal was to be a millionaire/businessman by the time I reached the age of 28.

I became an event planner/concert promoter by the age of 18 (see “The Weekender” in The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper – Thursday, April 8, 1993 – page 10). There are other newspaper articles publicizing events that I planned, organized, coordinated, and promoted featuring national recording artists such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mack 10, Outkast, and others. I also had made contact with music moguls such as Russell Simmons, Raphael Sideeq, managers of various recording artists, actors, and many other entertainment figures. I had dreams and aspirations of making it big. Anyone that met me, or knew me personally, would have never thought or believed that I would be in this predicament – and neither did I – not in a million years.

Twenty (20) long years of reflection, soul-searching, prayer, and transformation has taken place to develop me into the man that I am today. The blogs posted will not reflect who I was at the age of twenty-three (23), when I was incarcerated, but rather, who I am now at the age of forty-three (43).

I have invested my time wisely these last twenty (20) years. I’ve only had one (1) disciplinary situation during this time, but the majority of my energy has been used to complete over one-hundred (100) programs offered by the prison system, volunteers, and correspondence – some documented, some not. I’ve contributed to the lives of fellow prisoners through mentoring and creating several programs which are currently in use by the prison system to assist in transforming the lives of inmates.

There are many other things that I’m involved in, such as helping the community that exists outside of prison walls; I sit on the Executive Committee of the MCI – NAACP Prison Branch, serving in capacity of Vice President, where we donate thousands of dollars to the Battered Women’s Shelter, Mental Health programs, Reentry Programs, etc.

On a daily basis, I attempt to keep a positive mindset, despite my current circumstance. I serve the Lord Jesus Christ and keep hope alive in my heart. My goals have changed over the years. I now want to help as many people as possible and give, give, give……. especially since I was responsible for taking the beautiful life of Ms. Lilius Landrum from this earth. I am ashamed, embarrassed, and deeply sorrowful for being a vessel used to do such a purely evil deed. The least I can do with my life, even if from behind prison walls, is dedicate myself to doing good for the rest of my days. It will never bring Lilius back, or make up for my wrong, but I have to do what I can do to make amends to everyone I’ve hurt through my actions. And even though Lilius can’t benefit personally from any good deed I may be able to do for others, they can stand in proxy of my victim – the beautiful and kind-hearted, Ms. Lilius Landrum. God bless her soul. Please forgive me Lilius for what I did as a young man to you….

If any readers of my blog postings would like to contact me, please feel free to do so by either:

U.S. mail:
Tony Rahmel Smith, #367-391
Marion Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43301


E-mail (you must set up an account through by entering my inmate DOC #, which is 367-391).


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  1. You have killed this lady in the most horrendous matter and you deserve to spend the rest of your life in prison. Actually, rot in there. You are the damn devil.


  2. Wow never would though you would Kill somebody you was quite and laid back.. But I will pray for you and her family Tony why man why


  3. Currently, watching Discovery Investigation ID “Fatal Vows” about this case (have seen various versions). His victim was a person always trying to help others. His jealousy and thinking someone else is responsible for his loser self and she finally realizing what a loser he was and was leaving him, he decided to not only kill, but degrade and humiliate her. He killed her in a horrible fashion. Then tried to escape, saving his own sorry butt. Not so much crazy as a loser wannabe. He sentenced her to death. He’s still breathing in and out. He’s blamed god. He’s blamed the devil. Look in the mirror. Pure evil.


  4. It takes an amazingly spiritually mature soul to forgive such an atrocity as murder. However, in the spiritual maturity of true forgiveness, the victim is the one who is freed, not the murderer. One can only eat the poison of a unforgiveness by their own doing. The murderer also can only find redemption in self-forgiveness.
    I wish all peace and the ability to find self love which in turn helps heal oneself.


  5. Thank you to Suzie Jennings for giving inmates an avenue to express their thoughts and feelings as everyone deserves a chance for redemption and healing. I’m sorry to the families that happen to read these blogs, yet I find it interesting that they are even here to see them. I am glad that some of them have found God and asked for forgiveness, even if the families will NEVER forgive them for their crimes. That is totally understandable, yet by forgiving, they would surely find closure and be able to move on without holding hatred in their hearts. To Tony and others trying to find peace and redemption, if not forgiveness, hopefully, God will give you that one day if you are sincerely trying to become a new person.

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  6. Stop mentioning my aunts name you sick fuck! Just say you’re victim….God and Jesus might forgive you but her family doesn’t and I hope you die in prison! And whoever is responsible for letting these inmates post online I HOPE YOU ALL BURN IN HELL TOO!

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  7. Thank you for following my blog, if you are. (The email notification I received was ambiguous, as to whether you, Tony Smith, was following my blog, or some owner of the InmateBlogger domain that hosts your content and that of many other prisoners, or some other random user of InmateBlogger, a different prisoner entirely from you.)

    There is a typing error on this page. The website for linking up via email is, not Moreover, the system at does not recognise your id, 367-391. So, I haven’t signed up to be able to email you.

    I am glad you have faith in Jesus. I wouldn’t want to have to face the dreadful judgment you’d one day be facing otherwise, for your instrumentality in a great evil, as you seem to see it. There was a lot of opposition six years ago to your application for parole coming up to the end of your minimum tariff. I haven’t read any press reports about your crime and your trial yet. At least you have the possibility of parole in another five years. So, however gruesome the details – and I gather they were pretty gruesome – at least they haven’t locked you up and thrown away the key. It would be interesting to learn what you did and why in more detail.

    Pin your hopes on this: that in Christ, you have a release to look forward to much better than any future parole might give you, in five, fifteen or twenty-five years. God doesn’t blame you if, making the best of your life does not allow you to accomplish much. You must be doing something right, I suppose, for the authorities to allow you access to the internet. I dare say you’re reaching others for God more than many of us outside, with jobs and money and ordinary lives.

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    • Hi JohnAllman.UK,

      I manage this site. How it works is: I contact inmates all over the states and tell them about InmateBlogger, they email me their blogs, and then I post them. The posts are un-edited and straight from the inmates. Thank you for stopping by to read through the many blogs here.

      Suzie Jennings

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      • Hi Sue. I received a notification from WordPress that Inmate Blogger was following me. It suggested three posts on this blog I might want to read. Two were generic, but one was Tony’s page. Who’s actually following my blog?

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        • Hi JohnAllman.UK. Sorry for any confusion. I am following your blog, for inmates do not have direct access to the internet. is a collection of thousands of blog posts written by men & women in prison, which I personally manage.

          Hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂

          Suzie Jennings

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      • You manage this site so you must be a sick fuck too! How dare you allow these murderous demons to voice their thoughts on here without regards to the victims family?

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  8. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone… Tony, I’m not religious, but I would be most interested in following your blog, while hoping to entertain you with mine. Who knows the circumstances that guide another person through life, and there are a thousand crimes heinous in themselves which, far from being punishable under the law, are sanctioned by it. So I wish you well in your determination to good, and trust you will find many avenues as well as prayer to achieve that. Best wishes.

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  9. Do not be discouraged Tony. God is on your side. Only the Lord knows your heart and that–when it all boils down–is all that counts. Remember that God used a murderer to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Who am I referring to? The apostle Paul. He persecuted, yes, even murdered Christians before he converted to Christianity. Do not be overcome by your past, but overcome your past with the grace of Jesus Christ and the determination to follow Him. Keep your head up in everything except in prayer. God’s blessings.

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