Michael Preston

Introducing Michael Preston

Dear InmateBlogger, Let me start by saying that I’m from Cleveland,Oh. I’ve incarcerated for RSP,PV and Failure To Comply. This is my first number,been down for 47 months,April is the 48th and 15 more days to go. I’m not your typical everyday individual,loyalty is one of the few major qualifications I expect or look for in a woman. I don’t really associate with guys,and don’t be quick to open my heart to a woman based on my past experiences. I don’t feel as if I should search for the right one,based off fate,I feel as though if it’s mean’t she will reveal herself. I am 22 years of age turn 23 July 28th,and I don’t usually explan my emotionial intimatcy but something told me to do a little explaning. No matter who I meet for whatever reason I’ve learn’t,always go with your first mind because 90% of the time it’s the best option. So here I go my Info is Michael T Preston #660713 I’m also known as TY which stands for my middle name Tyvon. It’s a whole lot about me that’s available,the struggle made me who I am today. I will love to learn about someone and hopefully meet their standards rather it’s friend lover or just someone to vent to. Thank you for the opportunity…

Michael Preston
DOC #660713


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  1. There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    Who died to save His own;
    Was lifted up, to pay the price,
    For sin he did atone.

    There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    Who’s God and Lord of all;
    Who came and lived, was crucified,
    To save us from the fall.

    There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    The precious Lamb of God;
    For us was slain upon the cross,
    Who took our guilty load.

    There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    The Son, God’s only Son;
    The love of God made manifest,
    To make us with God one.

    (© Jimmy Hamilton – written April 2004)


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