Keith Brooks

“Love, Loyalty, & Respect” By Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks

In a committed relationship you must have extreme love, loyalty, and respect for your partner. It’s a must you have all “3” in order for the relationship to be successful and last a lifetime.
Speaking from a man’s point of view, if you really love the woman that you’re in a committed relationship with, you have to treat her with royalty and never hurt her physically or mentally. You are not supposed to hurt the ones you love. Love doesn’t hurt… You should always be happy to see and spend quality time with the woman that you are committed to. If you ever have a disagreement with her, arguing and fighting is never the way to resolve the issue. Have a calm peaceful conversation with one another and respectfully listen to each others point of view and respect each other’s opinion. Communication is the key to getting a full clear understanding. Listen closely to each other and don’t interrupt while the other person is talking. If both parties are talking at the same time, evidently no one is listening to what the other person is saying. If you’re both talking at the same time, it’s impossible to listen closely and understand what your partner is saying. That’s called a communication breakdown. My advise to those that are willing to have a real conversation and listen closely to what the other party is saying is simply “take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth and listen”. Just be quiet, listen, and allow all of the information to register inside of your brain before you comment on what the other person is saying.
If you are loyal to your woman, there is no possible way that you can physically cheat on her. Being seduced and having sex with another woman can never happen if you’re really loyal to your woman. If you get seduced by another woman and end up having sex with her, that means that you are mentally weak and you’re not really loyal to your woman. It’s just that plain and simple. For example… I joined the 1st Street ECC’s when I was 13 years old. I have sacrificed my life and jeopardized my freedom for my gang plenty of times. I’ve been in bloodk infested prisons and cellbloccs on many occasions. I’ve been outnumbered behind enemy lines against all odds and represented ECC to the maximum in those dangerous situations. I never tucced my blue flag, had a deaf ear or a blind eye to any disrespect during any tour of duty. I never flipped set or broke the G-Code in any type of way. I never cheated on the Crips not once in my whole entire life due to my loyalty.
I’m in a committed relationship with my ECC’s and ECM family. I will never cheat on my squad by no means. It’s the same thing as being in a committed relationship with a woman. Once you make that commitment, there is no turning bacc. If the woman that you chose to be committed to is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and her sex is mind blowing, you should never have to cheat on her or treat her bad. If she’s everything that you need in a woman, why would you take a risk on sabotaging a solid relationship for a couple hours of sexual pleasure from someone that don’t even love you? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Get cha mind right…
Always be honest with your partner. Being a liar will ruin any relationship you have with a person. You don’t lie to people that you love and trust. Nobody can trust a liar because a liar is a “fake” individual. Liars are not loyal and can be very detrimental to your health. Lying causes serious relationship problems and that’s a fact. When you lie to someone that you claim to love, you’re creating a major problem that’s gonna blow up in your face when they find out the truth. A lot of people lie to their partner because they claim that their just protecting their feelings. How do you think your partner is gonna feel once they find out that they’ve been getting lied to by someone that they loved and trusted? That’s stone cold betrayal in its purest form. People that lie to their love ones are “fake”, period point blank. There is nothing “real” about being a liar. You lie to those that you are trying to tricc or deceive. You don’t lie to people that you love and truly care about.
Ladies… If your man isn’t satisfying you sexually, you should be honest with him and tell him what he’s doing wrong. Don’t feel sorry for him and try to stroke his ego by faking orgasms. Once he finds out that you’re faking your orgasms and you’re having sex when you don’t really feel like it, he’s gonna go out and start cheating on you. He’s gonna go find another woman that don’t fake orgasms. He’s gonna go out and find a woman that’s always in the mood and wants to have sex with him just as much as he wants to have sex with her. What man in his right mind gets totally turned on by a woman that don’t feel like having sex with him? Who wants to having boring sex? Who wants a person to have sex with them out of pity? If both parties aren’t on the same page sexually, the sex is gonna be boring and a big waste of time. Be up front and honest with your partner. The truth will prevent unnecessary problems in your relationship and your partner will respect you even more for keeping it a hunnid.
If you have respect for your woman, understand that she has already been raised by her parents and she has a mind of her own. Don’t be evading her privacy, screening her calls, checcing her emails, stalking her online, controlling her movements, harassing her friends, keeping her away from her family, preventing her from wearing the clothes of her choice and comparing her to all of your ex-girlfriends that did you wrong. Respect your woman’s independence and liberation. A woman should be allowed to dress sexy without having an insecure man all up in her ear crying, complaining, and talking down on her.

If she is proud of her body and wants to show off her cleavage, smooth legs, and pretty toes, she has the right to do that without getting harassed or disrespected. Instead of talking down on her, give her a compliment and tell her how beautiful she is. Take her out to dinner and a movie. Take her to the mall or a concert. Take her to the beach or a spa. Take your woman out somewhere in public and quit tryna hide her in the house away from people. Enjoy life together and be happy instead of all depressed and miserable. Don’t put a limit on how many friends your woman can have. She knew people before she met you. It’s insane to think that you are the only person that your woman is supposed to know, talk to and look at. She was born with a mouth and “2” pretty eyes. She’s not supposed to walk around the world with her head down avoiding eye contact with everyone in the world besides you. If you don’t trust and respect your woman, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with her.
If your woman wants to have a girls night out with her friends, let her go have some fun without blowing up her phone checcin to see if she’s cheating on you. If y’all both have extreme love, loyalty, and respect for each other, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you have a “real” woman in your life, treat her good and trust her. There is no in between when it comes to being “real” or “fake”. You’re either “real” or you’re “fake”.
Look into the mirror right now and reflect on your life. Think deeply about the details of your past unsuccessful failed relationships and all of the messed up situations you’ve been through in your life. Hindsight is 20/20 so be totally honest with yourself. Think about all of the tight situations you’ve been in, and think about how you handled those situations. Think about everything. Look at yourself in your own eyes in that mirror and ask yourself… Am I “real” or am I “fake”? Put your pride to the side and answer that question with pure honesty. You can lie to everybody else in this world, but you can’t lie to yourself. Always remember that a “REAL” person can see through all of the B.S. with no problem. A “FAKE” person is not invisible and their past will eventually catch up with them. You can’t run from reality. Love, loyalty, Respect!

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  1. I liked this article. It was REAL, and it was YOU. And thanks for not writing it from “the white man’s talk”. Lol! Ignore that guy. He is basically asking you to alter your image. Don’t do that for nobody. Stay you, and ignore anyone who don’t like it.


  2. Love, Loyalty , and Respect….. I agree with everything chaos loc says about these 3 essential parts of any relationship and how communication is also a vital part to having a successful relationship.


  3. I had to only give you three stars like everyone else responding here Keith. Why? Well bro, it has nothing to do with Love, loyalty, & Respect.
    And it ain’t because you didn’t capitalize the letter L in loyalty either.
    It’s because this reads like a gang members handbook. One of my favorite entertainers is Dave Chappelle.
    One of his coolest lines is that all black people are bilingual. They can talk the white man’s talk, and they can talk their homie talk.

    Hopefully one day you’ll rewrite this in the white man’s talk so everybody can learn from it.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you.


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