Matthew Shepherd

“Random thoughts” by Matthew Shepherd

Were there events in your life that you didn’t think you could survive???……and weren’t sure you wanted to. Things happened that were so painful, you’d rather die of them than go on living with the agony of surviving. I know what this is like on so many levels. I remember what it feels like to have heartache so bad you want to die. Nothing but death would stop the pain. But the survival instinct is a powerful thing! Your heart goes on beating even after the will to live is lost. You take another breath even when the desire to breathe is gone. We live on! Love and attraction will do this!
I don’t know why that came out but its true and real. We love, we desire, we need, we want! Even though we know this could be the effect. Crazy right?

Matthew Shepherd
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  1. Sometimes those times you talk about make you realise how strong you are. Until you are tested, you don’t know how you will be able to get through it- but you do.


  2. Life is full of ups and downs and challenges, Matthew. I guess for me, it’s the hard times that teach me what to value and cherish.


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