Jennifer Prince

Role Models in my Life. By Jennifer Prince

Throughout my life in the Tenderloin and East Bay I met some of the most intelligent amazing people. I have to begin with the one who I first met and who in my eyes was the baddest guy around. I built Steven aka Baby Boy up so much he had his work set out for him to fit those shoes. If anyone bothered me I’d immediately say Baby Boy will fuck you up. He taught me how to survive. He showed me who was who and what to watch for. Never once did this man who always had girls around him try to cross a line with me. I was a cute girl back then but he was more like family.
Then two gay men rescued me from hotel living. Bongla Bobby and Steffani saved my life. I lived with them from here on. Always a clean nice home. Safe and we were family.Bobby and I have a bond that’s indescribable.
I met Fred Dalton and Claire with Darryl. He was the man and would fly up in his Chevel . All this time still hooking here and there these black men scared me like why are they so good to me. I swore I would be pimped out.
Then I met R.D. the smartest con I’ve ever seen. R.D. had a hook up everywhere. He also sold lots of crystal. I then became Jennifer Prince.
They all cornered me and said I was too smart to sell my body. Choice was to go home or learn a new game. I was too far into it to go home. I was home.
Robert Mansfield, Tom Carson, and Lindsey showed me how to perfect fraud. I stole so much mail and hit so many banks I had the postal inspector on me. I was nick named Mailbox Jenny.
I watched R.D. likes hawk. He had what I wanted and I learned. I became a part of this family.
,Dennis Mc Donald, Tony Douglas and Billie Turner took care of me like I was theirs. Two gay men who loved me with no strings. I sold dope, lots of it, I slid into the club house and from their I changed. I carried guns, defended my gay men in my life. I love all these people like Ican’t explain.
I lived in different worlds to fit what we needed. It was easy forms. To this day I can still get help if I ask.
Honestly I’m doing a disservice to the people I mentioned. But that will come later. There’s a lot of history.
The last man I’ll mention was my homeboy crime partner ect. Julio aka Clayton. He and I crossed a line and fell in love. Very unexpected. He’s not my type but he is the only man I loved. That’s another story…..:-) 🙂 🙂

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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  1. Gosh Jenny, I guess you’re not getting out for a while.
    The world is soon becoming two types of people. Those who live by the gun, and those who die by the gun.
    It appears you played both sides of the fence through your adventures and lifestyles.
    Memories are a wonderful thing, until you remember why you’re where you’re at.

    I have role models too. The God ‘I AM’, who called to Abraham, and Jesus Christ who taught us how to pray.
    Being a militant is rewarding when you get the bounty of that which you’ve conquered.
    Getting life eternal is even more rewarding than that. I will pray for you whether you want me to or not. That the Spirit will take this prideful life you remember so well, and replace it with new memories.
    God Bless you and keep you, always.

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